A Weird and Unusual Tip for Selling

A few weeks ago I was in the back of a police car going to a meeting. Yes – you read correctly!

Let me back up a moment. I was driving in my sassy little sports car to meet a client and suddenly…


..I was broadsided by a big truck as he tried to change lanes (without shoulder checking or using his mirrors) and he pushed my car into the turning lane. It’s funny. As soon as my car was hit – I knew exactly what he had done. I tried to get out of the driver’s door (no luck – it was crushed) so I crawled out the passenger door (no skirt that day!) and had a look at the damage.

Oh yeah – it was bad – the entire left side of my car was crunched, and the back end was torn off. The other driver walked up to me and asked if I was OK – and he shakily said…

“I’m so sorry -I just didn’t see you.” To which I replied, “It’s OK – accidents happen.”

So What Does A Car Accident Have To Do With Sales?

Well – when the police officer offered to give me a ride somewhere – I said “That would be wonderful – can you drive me to Starbucks? (this was where I was supposed to have met my client). I crawled into the backseat, stilettos and all, and enjoyed a ride right to the front door of Starbucks (Ask me how funny that must have looked!).

I told the police officer as we were driving: I think I must be maturing – as I haven’t cried or sworn once! She laughed and told me she had never seen someone so calm …and then she whispered I’d cry if I had a hot car like that.

I realized that even though I was hit by another car, and it was going to be in the body shop for 2 months – I was OK. I wasn’t hurt and neither was the other guy. You just move to Plan B and move forward.

Have You Been Blind-Sided By Something Lately?

Maybe you’ve:

o Lost a client – they went to a competitor.

o Been stiffed on the bill.

o Had someone steal all your money from your bank account (I know someone this happened to!)

o Had a supplier/employee jump ship in the middle of a project

o Your internet servers went down for a week

o Had a large invoice come through and you don’t have the cash

o Blah, Blah, Blah

We’ve all been there. Those sweaty armpits, heart pounding, dry mouth moments when you feel like Chicken Little and the sky is falling down. But you’re not Chicken Little sister and you have a backbone not a wishbone!

My Weird and Unusual Tip For Selling (車を売るコツ)?

Be flexible.

Yes – sometimes life wants to give you whip-lash. However, put your neck collar on and forge ahead.

Have a Plan B,C,D…..Z.

Breathe. And understand that most of what you’re freaking out about – is not worthy. You’ll figure everything out MUCH FASTER if you stay flexible, and keep your head about you (there’s a saying from my mom!)

So What About My Forgotten Client?

Well – as I made my grand entrance – there she was. Karen had stayed a little longer as she thought I was running late (no kidding) and we had a great meeting. She drove me to a rental spot. I rented the ONLY vehicle they had – a big mom-style soccer van…and I drove to meet my friend David for dinner.

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